Inspection Services

AGC Drones provides enhanced resolution imaging with specialised sensors and techniques. This data can be used for revenue generation and cost saving business intelligence, and can easily integrate into your project and operational workflow.

The results can be interacted with through our online portals and also exported in a number of Geographic Information System (GIS) software formats to include:

ArcGIS, Google Earth, QuantumGIS, AutoCAD, GlobalMapper, ENVI etc.

Applications include:

  • Tower Infrastructure Inspection

  • Photogrammetry and 3D Surface Modeling

  • Airport Pavement Visual Inspections

  • Stockpile Volume Measurements

  • Wind and Solar Farm Maintenance

  • Environmental Monitoring

  • Construction Planning and Monitoring

  • Facility Planning and Maintenance - Factories, Utilities, Roof and Building Envelope Inspection

  • Land Surveyor Vector Shape Overlays

  • Land Use Classification

  • Maritime Inspection Support - Vessel Hull, Cargo Movement Audits, and Cargo Crane Visual Audits

  • Coastal and Flood Plain Topography Imaging

  • Disaster Assessment

  • Accident Reconstruction and Forensics imaging


Exclusive Imaging and Data for Professionals



Cloud based aerial data analytics

We have access to cloud-based algorithms that can be used to help interpret your data. Efficiently turn UAV-acquired geospatial data into actionable insights that mitigate risk, maximize resources and drive growth across industries.


Volume Estimation Algorithm – estimates the volume of bulk material stored or excavated (e.g. stockpiles or mining pits)
NDVI Algorithm – determines plant health using the Normalized Differential Vegetation Index which is sensitive to chlorophyll concentration, canopy density, leaf area and foliage clumping


Advanced crop health analysis

There is a way to make faster decisions to ensure improved crop health and make more accurate calculations concerning your crop and livestock. Our online portals can be used to detect stress, disease infestation, and other variables, track crop health over time, automate your research and yield improvement processes.

We can help.