Drone Technology for Sustainable Industries

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The Caribbean's Industrial Drone Company

AGC Drones is the Caribbean’s premier industrial drone company.

Our experienced team offers aerial data capture for industrial inspections and mapping. We provide consultation and customized training services.

Surveillance Drone and Sensor Payload Sales to Military and Law Enforcement are also available through our manufacturer partnerships.

Operating Safely is Paramount. ABS-B equipped Transponders are also available for Drones and Light Sport Aircraft to enable situational awareness and separation from other aircraft. The transponders communicate with ATC and other aircraft to enable extended and beyond visual line of sight operations.

We can help.



AGC Drones provides enhanced resolution imaging services in support of:

Industrial and Commercial Facility Asset Audits. Airport Pavement Inspections. Industrial Facility Maintenance. Wind and Solar Farm Maintenance. Construction Planning and Monitoring. 

We also provide Consultation and Planning Services for selective clients wishing to secure their assets and operations. 



AGC Drones is an authorized distributor of commercial surveillance drones, sensor payloads, and avionics. AGC Drones also has advanced drone technology for industrial use. We operate imaging and data collecting drones that enhance productivity.



UAV Factory

UAV Factory Ltd. is one of the world’s leading developers of fixed wing composite airframes, subsystems and accessories for small fixed wing unmanned aircraft industry. AGC Drones is proud to be an authorized sales agent of UAV Factory's drones, sensor payloads, launch and telemetry systems, and ground control stations. We welcome inquiries from governments, diplomatic corps, and private security organizations.


uAvionix develops the world’s smallest, lightest and most affordable ADS-B transponder, Ping. When installed in drones and small manned aircraft, these devices promote situational awareness among equipped airspace users, so that manned airplanes, air traffic control, and drone operators can "see" each other. This technology reduces the likelihood of unauthorized airspace use while improving safety, transparency, and industry growth. AGC Drones is proud to be an authorized re-seller of uAvionix equipment!

Caribbean Maritime University

The Caribbean Maritime University is a dynamic ISO 9001:2008 certified institution and the Regions Centre of Excellence for tertiary maritime, logistics, engineering training, research and consultancy. AGC Drones has partnered with the University to promote research, development, and training in unmanned systems.